Managing personal finances can be complex, and regular changes to legislation means it’s difficult to ensure your financial affairs are as tax-efficient as they should be. With emphasis now being placed on the taxpayers’ individual responsibilities, it’s important to optimise your tax position and meet compliance obligations.

Our experts can help you with all of your and your family’s personal wealth matters, from income tax planning to assisting those in the additional financial need. By establishing relationships with our clients, we develop innovative and forward-thinking services to improve your situation.

We understand that you are an individual and require specialist advice – our experienced and qualified team are here to ensure you are making the right decisions to achieve your goals.

L&E Finance Services Ltd experts will provide you:

• Tax Return declaration

• Construction Industry Scheme, National Insurance and Self Employment registration

• HM Revenue and Customs Tax code adjustment

• Financial references and assistance in formal documents/declarations/questionnaires management

• Official documents translation to other languages, verification of translated documents and assistance in providing translated copies to public institutions

• Social Welfare and Pension documentation assistance
- Child Benefit
- Child Tax Credit
- Working Tax Credit
- Housing Benefit
- Council Tax Support
- Pension Credit
- Maternity Allowance
- Sure Start Maternity Grant etc.

• Self employment accounting, documentation amendments and corrections

• Accounts references

The service you receive as a client of L&E Finance Services goes beyond tax advisory. We look at the full spectrum of factors affecting your unique portfolio to give you the most valuable solution—a solution you can trust.